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Property Services / Property Law and You

Are you buying or selling a house? Thinking of ways to protect your property and other investments? If so, you will need to have proper safeguards in place, Property deals usually involve huge financial transactions, which calls for logical thinking, which cannot be done in haste.

We provide the below mentioned services:
    • Sale and purchase of residential property
    • Sale and purchase of commercial property
    • Refinancing
    • Subdivision
    • Family Trust
    • Will
    • Enduring Power of Attorney for personal
    • care or welfare
    • Power of Attorney and Deed of Delegation
    • Deceased Estates & Probate
Commercial / Business Law

It is important for clients to have timely legal advice for any business transaction.

We provide the below mentioned services:

    • Sale and purchase of business
    • Sale and purchase of franchises
    • Agreement to lease
    • Commercial lease
    • Assignment of lease
    • Subleases
    • Surrender of lease
    • Management agreements
    • Catering agreements
    • Incorporation of NZ limited liability company
    • Shareholders agreements
    • Private lending and borrowings
    • Charitable trusts
    • Incorporated societies

If you are planning a property sale or purchase, do the right thing and see a lawyer before signing any document.

Business Transactions

It is very important for clients to have a timely legal opinion before getting into lease agreements. Getting into a lease is a way of securing their business or personal interests. We have seen many of them lose money after being asked to vacate their office premises, thus forcing them to lose thousands of dollars in re-branding, apart from facing business losses due to relocation. Private individuals also have had similar experiences. The sooner you involve our legal experts during the negotiation process, better are the chances of you getting a secure deal which saves a lot of money.

Landlords on the other hand, can get the best returns for their business by proper handling of all the involved legal formalities. We also work with leasing and managing agents, to get the best commercial returns for your businesses.

Below listed are the services we provide:
    • Deed of Lease
    • Agreement to Lease
    • Renewal of Lease
    • Retail, commercial or industrial Lease
    • Sublease
    • Fit out deeds
    • Incentive deed
    • Assignment of Lease
    • License agreements
    • Surrender of Lease
    • Market rent disputes
    • Option Leases

Immigration Services

Immigration rules are usually very difficult to understand, especially when it comes to the common man. There are also confusing forms which one has to fill-up, before submitting to the concerned authorities. There are even chances that they get rejected for being incomplete.

When you have the right representation by engaging the right person for the job, you stand a chance of getting the right amount of points which increases your chances of getting through the immigration process successfully with the right measure of points (Skilled Migrant/ Business Investor Category).

We provide the below mentioned services
    • Migration
    • Residence Visa
    • Work Visa
    • Student Visa
    • Visitor's Visa
    • Reconsideration
    • Appeal to Immigration & Protection Tribunal
    • Special Direction to Minister of Immigration
    • Citizenship Application